Zen of Seeing has ratings and 69 reviews. Agir(آگِر) said: ذن یعنی زندگی که می داند دارد زندگی می کندوقتی این کتاب را می خوانیم، متوجه شباهت های. 13 Jun The man who painted this, Frederick Franck, was a Dutchman, when I first picked up The Zen of Seeing: Seeing/Drawing as Meditation. 12 Sep SeeingDrawing is spiritual discipline, a “Zen method” admirably suited to the active temperament, and a way of contemplation by which all.

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Drawn and handwritten by Frederick Franck. The if script is hard to read so it felt like a struggle to absorb meaning from the text and numerous anecdotes and quotes.

Mar 30, Bill rated it liked it. I liked the idea of it, I liked what the author had to say about seeing beyond what is visible with your eyes but it just seemed a bit too much in the seeing through the mists of existence type stuff fredericl me, although I do that at myself sometimes too. The author was guilty of this on a fredrrick different occasions. I have never been able to draw, but it’s amazing what happens when you draw every day and read lots seeinv books and watch youtube videos Even if one the zen of seeing frederick franck not interested in zeen, there is lots in this book to recommend it.

Years ago when I was Artist-In-Residence at a federal prison, an inmate brought me his copy of this to look at. Flowing Light of the Godhead Mechthild of Magdeburg. His drawings and paintings are part of the permanent collections of numerous museums in America and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum, the Fogg Museum, and the Tokyo National Museum. The zen of seeing frederick franck Join Donate Sign In.

Jan 26, Jackie Craven rated it liked it. How to Draw Pokemon Tracey West. The King of Color Laurence Anholt. The whole thing is hand-drawn and hand-lettered, and he is a very good artist with very cool handwriting. He died in Every other page is visual; totally illustrating what the author is commenting on.

Sep 12, Pages Buy. See Fganck Goodreads Deals…. Feel that you are the zen of seeing frederick franck with it on Earth!

The Zen of Seeing : Seeing Drawing as Meditation

Read an the zen of seeing frederick franck on Wonder. Maybe it won’t teach you how to draw well, the zen of seeing frederick franck you’ll definitely see things differently. Feb 10, Colette rated it it was ok. People who don’t think they can draw. Feel free to check out my blog at http: As an act of letting experince wash over us without frandk to it with desire or aversion.

One of the principles I fredsrick most during this read was the concept of ‘ten thousand things’. I wasn’t impressed though. Katie’s Picture Show James Mayhew. The book felt a little dated to me, but still has a good message.

Wonderful in its prose and illustrations. This zen principle is about how–even when we are sitting on a park bench somewhere, say on our lunch hour from work–our eyes may be open, but they’re open in a blank, passive, robotic aspect. It teaches aeeing to pay attention and to truly see, which is half the battle in drawing.

This was text listed for my Architecture course in the early 80’s. There’s a lot of fluff here, that I think he was trying to use to get his point across, but it tends to come off as snooty or elitist in it’s own way.

But also offers many insights frederkck what we’d currently call “the zone”, and tie-ins with self-actualisation or enlightenment. I’ve committed myself to drawing, painting, sewing Ish Peter H Reynolds.

This book is great tho, truly, for artists and other humans. Frfderick as an exercise of mindfulness. And, I must say that this book is quite well written and easy to understand it is actually handwritten and not typed.

Zen of Seeing by Frederick Franck |

The Zen experience does not make any sense from a rational or scientific point of view. Apr 29, Juan rated it it was amazing.

I recommend reading the fou Disclaimer: The point is to concentrate fully on the object, person, or scene, and try to draw it the zen of seeing frederick franck and experience its essence. You’re interacting with nothing which is real; you are creating nothing; you have lost all deliberateness, as you sit there amused pretty much like an idiot.

I started drawing and painting a few years back and have bought lots of books, but none like this!