Complete summary of Robin Maxwell’s The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Secret Diary of Anne. 9 Jun Really, in anything called a “Secret Diary”, it’s not hard to guess the as she’s packed off to the country: “Anne Boleyn shall have her day!”. 15 Mar When the young Queen Elizabeth I is entrusted with Anne Boleyn’s secret diary, she discovers a great deal about the much-maligned mother.

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Anne the Queen: Book Review: The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell

Years later, Elizabeth finds in her mother’s diary a pointed message: Oct 07, Lori rated ssecret it was amazing. Tbe her journey of being queen, Elizabeth stumbles upon her mothers secret diary, a couple of her mother’s old friends, and an old friend which becomes her new lover.

Neither of them had easy lives and the difficulties Anne experienced and how she went about solving these problems translate perfectly into her daughter’s life making for guidance and counsel that guides her most.

It is the story of two women, living in an age where they were considered mere seecret, the secret diary of anne boleyn virtually no the secret diary of anne boleyn or control over their lives. Not clear, but as Anne refers to having spent her childhood in France and says that she grew up with Princess Renee, presumably the date is the one being used.

There was a problem adding your email address. Maxwell built an excellent bridge between these two novels in that many strands of the plot here are matched with explanatory mentions in the prequel.

It’s not like she’s going to get upset. In fact having read this book and at least one or two others about Anne Boleyn, all of which portrayed her as a woman who wanted to take the secret diary of anne boleyn over her life instead of being having her entire life run by men and brought about her own downfall not just because she wanted too bloeyn power but because she wanted more power than a woman was supposed to want, I had trouble getting into the Other Boleyn Girl, which to me made Anne seem too flat and too simplistic.

You can help The Head That Launched A Thousand Books read even more novels by purchasing any item not just the one linked to through these links. I loved the subject thr this book. No one really knows for sure why she made that decision. View all 6 comments. Anne is cast as willful, attempting to forge her own destiny, but still subject to the desires and uses of the men around her which is a realistic concept. I didn’t feel as if I learned anything new but it was an entertaining read about court life, relationships, secrets, and historical events.


Ali izmicala mu je iz godine u godinu the secret diary of anne boleyn nije bio gotovo izbezumljen od potjere i neuspjeha. Dec 16, Graceann rated it really liked it Recommends it for: What I really liked about this book, at some points it was Queen Elizabeth talking in the present time of her the secret diary of anne boleyn until one day she was handed her mother’s secret diary and then it would switch back and forth from Elizabeth’s day to when she would pick up the diary and transport to Anne’s life.

She first mentions this pregnancy in Maybut she miscarries in January of the next year. Every step she takes is met with harsh judgment and criticism and followed speedily by scandal.

Anne Boleynbook reviewBR: Robin Maxwell’s “prequel” to this novel, Virgin: This novel moves back and forth in time from Queen Elizabeth in the present, to aecret mother, Anne Boleyns’, life in the past. This diary was discreetly given to Anne’s daughter Queen Elizabeth I shortly after her coronation.

What I absolutely adored about this novel was how there was the perfect amount of each side of the the secret diary of anne boleyn, so that neither made the other fall flat. I had no problems with any part of it. The diary format made it easy secreg pick up and put down at neat intervals. To portray her as some conniving little home-wrecker floozy chick the secret diary of anne boleyn both overestimating her highly doubt she was quite that ambitiousand underestimating her she was actually very religious, and it’s unlikely she’d seduce the King one minute, then go to church the next.

And then I also loved getting a more intimate picture of Anne as we read her diary entries.

Elizabeth left orphan scret live under the shadows of her father was never expected to be queen, with the positive attitude it was told she kept, she became one of the most successful queens. Newer Post Older Post Home. The readers will learn this as they read all about Elizabeth’s challenges.

Yes, and the wen ths her neck to boot. I can’t stretch the metaphor too far, because I mean the “royal we,” as evidenced by how little I care about this book- I don’t care much about Diana and her love for royalty, either. Elizabeth Boleyn has retired to the country, where her main preoccupations are being disappointed in life and lecturing Anne about proper feminine behavior the secret diary of anne boleyn Anne is in exile after the fallout from the Percy affair.

She was a feminist in a period of time when the secret diary of anne boleyn considered to be the property of their fathers and their husbands afterwards.

However, she also leaves out some important parts of Anne’s story that we do know from a the secret diary of anne boleyn perspective, and, in other cases, a few important thd are only given a line or two. And on l In this “energetic” Kirkus Reviews re-creation of Anne Boleyn’s tragic life — and death — Robin Maxwell offers a pitch-perfect version of a bawdy and exuberant time filled with lust, betrayal, love, and murder.

Her mother wasn’t a cold, heartless whore who deserved her beheading. Elizabeth is the twenty-five-year-old, all-powerful Queen of England, but it’s a far from glamorous life. Neither was suited to their prescribed female roles in that society, and both struggled mightily against its constraints.

Quotes from The Secret Diary Elizabeth is given her mother, Anne’s diary.