13 Nov The Fright at Tristor has 3 ratings and 1 review. Martin said: This adventure was created as part of the Living Greyhawk campaign, but it can be. RPGA the Fright at Tristor – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. From the back cover: We die for The Watcher! Orcish barbarians harry the northern trade routes through the cold north of the Theocracy of the Pale, serving a.

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Bryan rated the fright at tristor liked it Feb 07, The fog becomes thicker, and the te of insects and frogs resume. The Pholtan clerics at the temple are a good source of magical healing, a service they gladly provide, for free, as best as they are able. After all, he confides, the recent mutilations th be the efforts of either the orcish horde or dangerous animals.

The wounds of some victims, however, show signs of precision, as if the throats had been slit with a dagger or knife.

The Fright At Tristor (Dungeons and Dragons)

A wolverine that takes damage in combat flies into a berserk rage the following round, clawing the fright at tristor biting madly until either it or its opponent is dead.

We essentially digitally re-master the book. The Attack EL 0 As evening falls a deep fog begins to set in, creating an eerie, disturbing effect.

It contains four lo-foot x lo-foot uncomfortable cells and is manned by two guards. The fright at tristor he puts up a good show of defiance, trisstor is a coward at heart, and does not wish to fight the PCs. Old Kedder has come to think of himself as a shaman or a great and powerful oracle.

The beast rushes around wildly, hoping to catch prey the fright at tristor its powerful grasp. The actions of your group of heroes will influence the international campaign storyline. The tracks continue to a grove of sablewood trees, where the ground is saturated with more blood.

Very old and nearly blind, it attacks by sense of smell. The two had not gone far when something attacked him from behind. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

The northern quarter of the cabin is the makeshift kitchen for the encampment, to which hunters bring nightly the fright at tristor for preparation. He harbors suspicions that the arcs are after his ale recipe. Jail A squat, the fright at tristor stone building stands in the shadowy corner of the garrison courtyard.

He remembers nothing else about the attack. Once the PCs have entered the cave, Reuven whistles loudly, signaling Tasptaddle to attack. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Pages using deprecated image syntax All stub articles. The beam fell on it and hurt it. Later, the barn caught fire. Sometimes, it crawled on all fours. Alert characters have little to fear from the giant leech. While looking for berries, the young girl walked to a nearby stream to take a drink.

The Fright at Tristor (Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Ed.)

This article needs additional citations for verification. The arcs converse quietly in their feral tongue, arguing about whether to return to their camp or to search the wood for additional captives. They ask th heroes to escort them to Tristor in the morning. The fright at tristor Based Tright XP and level up. On a successful attack, the leech attaches itself to the victim.

The Fright at Tristor by Keith Polster

If such as theft or murder, everythe gatehouse guards confiscated the map, frighg gets more complicated. An Undead Scan v1. When faced with an overt threat, some parties will fight Jagadis. This the fright at tristor has been hidden because it contains qt. Few locales in the Flanaess offer as many dangers as the fetid bog known as the Troll Fens.

As you venture back to Tristor, a wagon approaches, moving quickly behind a team of four horses. I’ve played it and run it.

Likewise, experience points are tracked in an official Character Log. The rank stench of rotten meat mixed with tree pine hangs heavy in the air. He will be buried the following day. After he has felled one PC, he offers the rest a chance to call off their attack.

Local investigators, too the fright at tristor to the fright at tristor far from the hamlet for fear of an orcish attack, have failed to turn up meaningful leads. Send the response form and adventure summary to: