The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September Transcribed and edited by Ellen Chrystal from the original. COURAGE TO STAND ALONE: Conversations with the Man Called U.G.. Transcribed and edited by: Ellen Chrystal from the original audio tapes produced by. The Courage to Stand Alone. Conversations with U.G. Krishnamurti. Amsterdam, September | PART I | PART II | PART III |.

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It’s a foolish thing for him. It doesn’t have to be any techniques that man has invented — because there is no friction there. If there is a solution, the problem shouldn’t be there anymore.

When the thought is not there, it [what is there] is neither positive nor negative. When do you think?

This is all that I am pointing out. When I was two years old I dreamt that I couldn’t get air. Stans when such a question is thrown at you, what should happen is [the realization] that none of the answers have any meaning, because all that is acquired and taught.

Courage to Stand Alone

But maybe it will occur to you that the image you have of your goal or the image of what you are going to do one day, through all the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti effort and will which you are using, has absolutely no relationship whatsoever with what I am describing. As long as you are doing something to be selfless, you will be a self-centered individual. Stad that state cannot be described in terms of bliss, beatitude, love, compassion and all that poetic the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti and romantic stuff, because you have no way of experiencing what is there between these two thoughts.

It may not be of any consolation to the individual who is dying, but this body becomes food for the millions and millions of bacteria. That’s what they do in India, they put the body through all kinds of stresses and strains — torture it — because they feel that through this endurance they will krishna,urti able to achieve whatever their spiritual goals may be.

The Courage to Stand Alone . U.G. Krishnamurti,

We have to use that mind to function in this world sanely and intelligently. That’s all the use you have for thought. Yg can’t be there any more.

It is there only the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti the survival of the living organism. You become conscious only through the help of thought.

They can spend millions and millions and millions of dollars and do every kind of research to find the seat of human consciousness, but there is no such thing as the seat of human consciousness the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti all. I repeat this same point day after day, day after day. Maybe for one or two days you will feel the hunger tantrums. If you don’t want to use that word “I” to prove that you are a man without “I”, it is your privilege.

And I have to repeat this again and come to it from ten different angles, depending upon the nature of the questions which you throw at me. I will ask you the question. The river is still there.

The ending of births and deaths is the state that they are talking about. Whatever energy is there, the same energy is in operation here.

The Courage to Stand Alone

Most of it is not necessary. There must be a point and it is this point that creates the space. It is not interested in that.

And this has created a neurological problem. Tomorrow it is the same story, and then after 10 years it is the same story. How to live at peace with yourself — that’s an idea. Whatever energy is there, the same energy is in operation here.

What is there what you call “I” is only a first person singular pronoun.

You can use it to achieve something; otherwise it has no use. This book also seeks to show that no one in the history of the world has had the courage to blast authority the way he has, and yet no one has stared at one’s own insignificance as boldly in the eye.

So, thought is essential only for the survival of this living the courage to stand alone ug krishnamurti. As long as the goal is a positive goal, thhe matter what the goal is — whether it is called positive or negative — it is not a negative approach, it is a positive approach.

Today you don’t have to understand a thing at all.