Star Ocean: The Second Story Shrine – Your source for info on this PlayStation classic. A big thanks to Ian Kelley for strategies and tips for this walkthrough. 4 Feb Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ. Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ Sony PlayStation North American Version Version Star Ocean: The Second Story. |. PS Game Walkthroughs & FAQs Walkthroughs, in-depth FAQs, and other helpful contributions from the community . Submit a.

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In the dock, simply talk to the man to go back to L’Aqua. Now you can choose what to be finished first Knowledge, Power, Love or Courage. Magician hand item is an accessories which increase the successfull rate of pickpocketing, this item is absolutely needed for pickpocketing.

Star Ocean: The Second Story – Walkthrough/FAQ

The enemy’s actions are freezed for a longer amount of time. Just do your best as you have high level this time.

Level 41 Forget A huge bolt of lightning strikes one target, and that target “forgets” all of his or her spells, and is unable to cast them. The range of the the electrical charge is much bigger.

Use Celine’s best spell or Leon’s Shadow Flare he weak to Dark and use Rena as a healer as always and he will be history soon. How can I get this special type of Killer Move? Items in Fun City: When you reach the center room, you will see an altar with a stone tablet near it.

Dias swings his sword through the ground, creating a fast blue shockwave that heads for the enemy. In this town, buy some better equipment for your hero, and also some healing items if you can. This is the North American version of my Star Ocean: Musical Notation, Musical Instrument. Some of her later multi-hitting Killer Move is incredibly effective, and the only bad side to her is that she has to be certain distances away from the enemy for all of her Killer Move, even close range ones.

Guys that are intelligent and can make decisions Favorite Food: Chisato uses guns as walkthrouhg normal weapon, and uses all sorts of special martial arts type Killer Moves. He’s very fast, has great HP, and pretty good MP, and good stamina. Go all the way and take treasures be sure to get the link stock.

FAQs and Game Help for Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Now go after him, save, and go north to enter the research lab. Kenni sgory given his first assignment. To see it, just talk to the operator and ask what you want to see, however, there is a secret information that can only opened by certain event see the secrets section. As always, bring Rena. Use this formation if all of your characters are equal in terms of strength.

Ashton will slash walkhrough more times at the enemy.

The Second Story contains many Japanese terms that could confuse the player. At long range, Dias’ shockwave travels faster. Claude respects his father for being a great hero in his day, but at other times he is jealous because others look at him in a different way because he behaves differently then his father.

After defeating several groups of bandits, a little girl come to you and ask you to help her, the guard eventually come and attack you, kill them. Chisato has a lot of Killer Move that do a combination of punches and kicks to the enemy.

Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

If cast upon flying enemies, the spell does not do any damage. This FAQ is not yet totally complete. Choose whatever you want, and now you have a Synard, you can travel around the world map freely not really free, sigh.

So defend yourself, it is best to use the strategy “stay away from enemy” but let Claude keep attacking Shin to hold him cast a spell. The camp menu is not too difficult to learn, even if you don’t know Japanese. Some of Ashton’s Killer Move takes way too much time to pull off, but some of his best multi-hitting combinations can keep dealing ultimate damage.

Increases learner’s chances of running behind the enemy and hitting it from behind with a normal attack or Killer Move.

But, try to explore and remember the screen and make your own map in your brain or try to make seconf own map Level 78 Extinction The most powerful attack spell in the game.

All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this Walkthrouvh. Hilton Items in Hilton: Together with the information analysis agent [Jibril] completed earlier, these agents were assembled under the command of the civilian control agent [Vesper]. One of Keith assistant will come out and tell you to go inside.