4 May STANAGS (Standardization Agreements) are NATO publications used by the STANAG NATO standardization agreement code. 30 Jun related to the NATO Code Number as in STANAG 2. . STANAG Minimum Quality Surveillance of Petroleum Products. 10 Nov A STANAG is a normative document that records an agreement among several or all NATO member states – ratified at the authorized national.

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Military Fuel

All are near 20 years old. Yes, stanag 3149 me the 20 year old oil which has always been in a sealed container.

If the “viscosity modifiers” segregate stanag 3149 the result will be the base oil viscosity which is lower than fresh product. The older oil was thicker and poured slower than the new.

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Oil is very stable Vail, Arizona Display Name: So you’ll use my year old stored stanag 3149 an unheated shed oil in your plane? Apparently cold storage makes it worse.

I’ll ask a couple of my petroleum engineer friends tonight at dinner. stanag 3149

Apr 1, Messages: JoshuajaygDec 30, Free for the taking FOB south Anchorage. Stanag 3149 7, Messages: Yep, it’s the end of a new year, been cleaning out the utility room and found a case of AeroShell buried in a corner.

Stanag PDF download

31449 Nov 4, Messages: What does it stanag 3149 about stanag 3149 oil when its additive package has a use by date? PalmpilotDec 30, The same reason that bottled water has a sell by date.

I can stanag 3149 that off your hands Anchorage, AK Display Name: Yeah I saw that after posting GlennAB1Jan 2, Apr 9, Messages: New York City Display Name: Would you use it?

ClarkDec 30, Stana 22, Messages: Skip MillerDec 30, Most say motor oil additives like viscosity modifiers and ashless dispersents precipitate out of solution over time. I am interested in the topic.

Stanag 3149 it make a difference if it’s expired?

stanag 3149 The others he left were the Phillips which looks current, and some stanag 3149 container Aeroshells which aren’t that many years old but I don’t ever remember seeing the white containers. AtanagJan 1, Amusingly AeroShell said in a forum at Oshkosh you can just shake the stuff up and use it.

Standard: NATO – STANAG 3149

Mar 4, Messages: Log in stanag 3149 Sign up. A fellow hanging up his wings was cleaning out his hangar and left me this at my hangar door last Wednesday. StewartbJan 1, Oct 5, Messages: