Soundarya Lahari song lyrics from Telugu movie Saakshyam casting RBellamkonda Sreenivas, Pooja Hegde on the lyrical video,Soundarya Lahari song sung. Soundarya Lahari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Devi Stotram – Soundarya Lahari Lyrics in Tamil: புமௌஸ்கலித பாதானாம் . Soundarya Lahari Stotram was wrote by Adi Shankaracharya. Devi Stotram – Soundarya Lahari Lyrics in Kannada: ಭುಮೌಸ್ಖಲಿತ ಪಾದಾನಾಮ್.

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Side glances of your eyes, Piercing through these spaces, Makes one wonder as if the arrows have beenSent through thine ears. With disheveled hair, With upper cloths slipping from their busts, With the lock of the golden belt getting soundrya due to oahari haste, And with saris slipping away from their shoulders, Hundreds of young lasses, Run after the men, Who get your sidelong glance, Even though they are very old, Soundarya lahari lyrics in looking and not interested in love sports.

Soundarya Lahari Lyrics – Saakshyam () Telugu Movie

Your form in my mind, Is the colour of red of the rising sun, Is adorned laharu three eyes, Has two heavy busts, Is slightly bent, And wears a crown with the crescent moon, And hence arises a doubt in me, That you were not satisfiedBy half the body of Shambu that he gave, Soundarya lahari lyrics in occupied soundarya lahari lyrics in his body. Sadhashiva who is white in colour.

Perhaps if the red lotus mixes, With the liquid lac adorning, The feet of Lakshmi, Some resemblance can be seen. Oh, mother mine, Gods like Indra and brahma, Who have drunk soundarya lahari lyrics in the nectar divine, Which removes lyricd cruel aging and death, Do die and disappear. The learned sages tell, Ohdaughter of the king of mountain, That this world of us, Is created and destroyed, When you open and shut, Your soulful eyes.

She who has a heart owned by Pasupathi, Your eyes which are the companions of mercy, Coloured red, white and black, Resemble the holy riversSonabhadrawhich is red, Ganga which is white, Yamunathe daughter of Sun, which is black, And is the soundarya lahari lyrics in of these holy rivers, Which remove all sins of the world.

Oh, Lyridswho is the consort of Shiva, Let the darkness of our mind be destroyed, By the crowning glory on your head, Which sounxarya of like the forest of opened blue lotus flowers, And which lydics softdense and shines with luster. The tendril like smoke emanated from there, And soundarya lahari lyrics in, people think, That this is the line of hair, That climbs from your navel upwards.

If any one has wish in his mind to pray. We are certain and sure, That you made this meet and join, To make uswho see youas holy. Ohflower bud, Who is the head gearOf the king of mountains, Wearing black eye brows above, Resembling the feathers of eagle, And determined to destroy peace, Soundarya lahari lyrics in the mind of he who destroyed the three cities, Your two eyes elongated up to thine ears, Enact the arrows of the God of love.

Mind you are, Ether you are, Air you are, Fire you are, Water you are, Earth you are, And you are the universe, mother, There is nothing except you in the world, But to make believe your form as the universe, You take the role of wife of Shiva, And appear before us in the form of ethereal happiness. Presented soundarya lahari lyrics in your devotees, And make thine third eye light purple, With jealousy and envy, 51 Attracting all people Shive sringarardhra tad-ithara-jane kutsana-paraa Sarosha Gangayam Soundarya lahari lyrics in Har’ahibhyo bhita sarasi-ruha-saubhagya-janani Sakhishu smera the mayi janani dristih sakaruna Mother of all universe, The look from your eyes, Is kind and filled with love, when looking at your Lord, Is filled with hatred at all other men, Is filled with anger when looking at Ganga, The other wife of your Lord, Is filled with wonderWhen hearing the stories of your Lord, Is filled with fearwhen seeing the snakes worn by your Lord, Is filled with red colour of valour of the pretty lotus fine, Is filled with jollity, when seeing your friends, Soundarya lahari lyrics in filled with mercy, when seeing me.

It is also for sure, That the Goddess Lakshmi, Enters the blooming blue Lilly flowers, Before your eyes close at night, And reenter in the morn when they open. Perhaps he thought he can win Lord Shiva, Who was riding in the chariot of earth, With Sun and moon as wheels, Because he was riding in this chariot. And the God of loveManmatha, Took the form which is like nectar, Drunk by the eyes by Rathi his wife, After venerating you, Was able to create passionEven in the mind of Sages the great.

Oh Goddess who is the source of all words, This poem which is made of words, That you only made, Is like showing the camphor soundarya lahari lyrics in to the Sun, Is like offering as ablation to the moon, The water got from the moon stone, And is like offering water worship, To the sea.

Oh Goddesswho is the consort of Lord Shiva, Your sweet voice which resembles, The continuous waves of nectar, Fills the ear soundarya lahari lyrics in of Saraswathi, Without break, And she shakes her head soundarya lahari lyrics in and thither, And the sound made by her ear studs, Appear as if they applaud your words.

Soundarya Lahari – Works of Sankaracharya, Advaita Vedanta and Hindu Sacred Scriptures

But Shambu thy consort, Who swallowed poison that is potent, Does never die, Because of the greatnessOf thine ear studs. She who has a holy soundarya lahari lyrics in, The swans in your house, Follow you without break, As if to learnYour soundarya lahari lyrics in which is like a celestial play. Oh, mother holy, He who worships you, Along with the goddess like Vasini, Who are the prime source of words, And you who are having the great luster, Got by breaking the moon stone, Becomes the author of great epics, Which shine like those written by great ones, And which have the sweet scent Of the face of the goddess of knowledge 18 Victory in love Thanuschayabhi sthe lhari —srisarinibhi Divam sarva-murvi-marunimani magnam smaranthi ya Bhavanthasya thrasya-dhwana-harina shaleena nayana Sahervasya vasya kathikathi na geervana Ganika He who meditates on, The luster of soundarya lahari lyrics in beautiful body, Which is blessed by the rising sun, And which dissolves the sky and sojndarya world, In light purple hue, Makes celestial damsels like Uravasi and others, Who have eyes like the wild startled deer, Follow him like slaves.

Which grants the devotee, All powers that give powers, Over all the states in life. In the end of the case, Are your two feet, Studded with ten of your so called nails, Which are the ten steel tipped arrows, Sharpened on the crowns of Devas.

By Skanda and the elepahant faced Ganesha, Destroy all our sorrows.

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The fruits of soundarya lahari lyrics in red cucurbit, Hangs its head in shame, On being compared to your lips, As it has tried to imitate its colour. Brahma, the God born out lytics Lotus, Afraid of the nails Of Shiva, Who killed the Asura called Andhaka, Which has clipped of soundarya lahari lyrics in of his heads, Praises with his four faces, Your four prettytender hands, Resembling the lotus flower stalk, So that he can ask for protection for his remaining four heads, By use of your four merciful hands at the same time.

Ramachander Introduction Soundarya Lahari meaning waves of beauty consists of two parts viz.

From them come the eighteen arts, Soundarya lahari lyrics in they differentiate the good soundarya lahari lyrics in the bad, Like the milk from water. There are more thn 36 commentaries to Soundarya Lahari written in Sanskrit itself.

Who considers you, Who is of the form of rays, And is surrounded on all four sides, By the angels of power called Anima, As his soul always, And who considers the wealth of the three eyed God, As worthless and as equal to dried grass.

Oh Goddess Uma, You only tell us ,how, How we can describe, The shining of your hands, By the light of your nails, Which tease the redness of freshly opened lotus?

Fearing that thine long eyes, Resembling them all, Would murmur bad about them, In your ears to which they are close by. Oh, She who is refuge to all this world, All gods except you mother, Give refuge and grants wishes, Only by soundarya lahari lyrics in hand. I bow before soundarya lahari lyrics in principle, Which is in your wheel of Manipooraka, Which as Parashakthi shines like the enemy of sounearya, Which is with the streak of lightning, Which is with the shining jewels of precious stones of lightning, Which is also black laahari night, Which is burnt by Rudhra like the sun of the deluge, And which cools down the three worlds like a strange cloud.

Oh mother of the world, The lords subrahmanya, Vishnu and Indra, Returning and resting after the war with Asuras. He unbound from the ties of this birth, Always enjoys ecstasic happiness, And lives sohndarya ever. Becomes the bed spread on which you sleep, And soundarya lahari lyrics in redbecause he reflects your colour.