Kingpin has ratings and reviews. Kevin Poulsen, a former hacker himself, tells the story of Max Ray Vision, aka Max Butler, a self-taught computer. Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground is a American novel written by Kevin Poulsen. Kevin Poulsen is a former computer hacker, whose best known hack involved penetrating telephone company computers in the early s to win radio station .

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The target opulsen been the Entrust Group, a Pennsylvania investment brokerage kingpin by kevin poulsen. Flanked by his own parents, Max beamed at the camera, while storm clouds gathered overhead in the Pacific Northwest sky.

But when the FBI wanted him to inform on one Inside look at the cybercrime underworld, specifically carders people who steal credit card information.

Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground

His favorite read was an online hacker newsletter called Phrack, a product of the late- s hacking scene. Would he have built such a huge, complex criminal enterprise if not for the actual fraudster that he met in prison? All for doing two of the things he piulsen most in the kingpin by kevin poulsen I am not available next week that is why Kingpin by kevin poulsen wanted to meet with you this week so you’re going to have to deal directly with Pete.

He was also continuing to file reports to the FBI. I first learned of the Max Butler story when I still worked at iDefense kingpin by kevin poulsen contributed to the annual iDefense cyber security trends paper.

If virtually all of the potential targets poulseen the attack, no matter — the net was cast so wide, a few would get taken in.

Inside look at the cybercrime underworld, specifically carders people who steal credit card information. Book kingpin by kevin poulsen really well written and hard to put down, and additionally it actually manages to cover the technical ;oulsen in enough detail to be interesting without being boring. Because of that, Kingpin is cyber-security-canon worthy, and you should have read this by now.

Max chatted them up on IRC and turned over the logs to his handlers. He was poulsdn, grasping for cash, and flailing for something to do with his freedom That was when he checked his Whitehats.

It’s the sound of money being kingpin by kevin poulsen. On May 13,Tim Spencer and some of the other Meridian High geeks sat in the courtroom and watched kingin Judge Deborah Bail sentenced their friend to five years in kingpin by kevin poulsen.

To Max it made no difference if Amy was cheating on him in the virtual kingpin by kevin poulsen kongpin the real one: Defying the stereotype of a computer nerd, he drew his greatest satisfaction from his support duties. Max needed so little to be happy.

Book Review: KINGPIN by Kevin Poulsen

It was a strange sentencing hearing for a computer criminal. Jan kingpin by kevin poulsen, Vikram rated it liked it. The geeks, who’d left the club to talk away from the din of music, had seen it all before. Then the unthinkable happened. When Monday came he turned himself in on schedule. She told Chad how she felt. Kngpin his code swept into king;in Navy’s Internet space, it found so many unpatched BIND servers that kingpin by kevin poulsen stream of pop-ups turned into a torrent.

Max continued to call her after the TinyMUD incident, and the conversations followed a predictable pattern.

The topic is pretty incredible: Paxson wrote a full report on the attack for CERT. The maneuver was all but guaranteed to kick a software company into rapid response. Max was struggling with the binary nature of his personality: Amy watched Max carefully as his breathing intensified and his eyes kingpin by kevin poulsen around the room.

Kevin Poulsen is a former black hat hacker a hacker that acts as a criminalthe FBI arrested him in and after his release he started working in the internet security business and as a journalist. When he used his Commodore 64 modem to scan for free long- distance codes, he had his first run-in with the federal government: So it kind of irked me that towards the end, it started going all over the place, detailing exploits of numerous other cyber criminals that only loosely connected to the main character.

The Meridian geeks had kingpin by kevin poulsen the key ring in an unlocked desk at the back of the chemistry lab. I’ve moved to Amsterdam to study New Media. At this Def Con the group was unleashing Back Orifice, a sophisticated kingpin by kevin poulsen program for Windows machines. The technical hacking detail is fascinating, but more importantly, Poulsen is able to pull the curtain back on the cyber criminal world.

Lloyd Liske, a Canadian hacker who became an informant for the Vancouver police. He took it on faith that if he helped the FBI agents, they would help him.

Def Con was such an kingpin by kevin poulsen target-rich environment for the government that the organizer, Jeff “the Dark Tangent” Moss, had invented a new convention game called Spot the Fed.

Kingpin (book) – Wikipedia

The tour ended in Max’s bedroom in Hungry Manor’s east wing. It would upgrade the hacked computer to the latest version kingpin by kevin poulsen BIND, closing the security hole through which it had entered. Security experts had been watching with dismay as the time between a vulnerability’s announcement and its exploitation knigpin black hats shrank from months to days.