There are hundreds or more alternate worlds in the GURPS Infinite Worlds multiverse. Most of GURPS settings can be easily adopted as part of the Infinite. Something that looks like Time Travel combined with alternative world hopping. GURPS: Infinite Worlds is the default GURPS 4th edition setting, loosely inspired . GURPS Infinite Worlds [Kenneth Hite, Steve Jackson, John M. Ford] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Infinite Worlds Infinite Adventure!.

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Some timelines have moved quantum and a few even changed “local present” in 4th edition; those with only 3rd ed. Far more realistic than Inginite The Land of Deep Blue.

In Infinite WorldsJapan is decaying into warlord states and the Kempei Tai have, within a single generation, gone from being the guys who gave the Gestapo nightmares to a bureaucratic tar pit. Racism girps largely unknown, although the association of East Asians with “heathenism” tends to give them a tinge of scary exoticism to Muslims in other parts of the world.

It’s only doing anything on Taft-3, though; Taft-4 has other things going on and is partly shielded from the radiation, and Taft-7 never had any life gurps infinite worlds begin with. The Celts and Germanic peoples, after centuries of war and trade and God-swapping have come gurps infinite worlds see eachother as Fellow Warriors and get along fairly well nowadays, although the Germans still think of the Celts as bloody-minded putzes who couldn’t organize an orgy in a whorehouse, while the Celts think of the Germans as anal-retentive perpetual downers with absolutely no taste in facial hair.

Apart from the Gernsback parallel, which plays this straight if mostly benevolentlythere’s an interesting variation with the Cabal For Magic! There are several sleeping titans in this setting: Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Gurps infinite worlds that may contain original research from April All articles that may contain original research Articles with gurps infinite worlds maintenance issues Pages using deprecated image syntax.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers

In this world the printing press was invented in Baghdad in and was shortly followed by the widespread adaptation of the scientific method and an oil-based industrial revolution.

I will be posting text with an accompanying map, but gurps infinite worlds is encouraged to contribute. The conflict between Centrum and Homeline, where neither can be easily categorised as pure good or completely bad. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Unlike most magic, it works gurps infinite worlds any worldline, period, and can’t be blocked by anti-magic effects.

In fact, Homeline’s biggest rival, Centrum, a World that also has “cross-time” technology but with gurps infinite worlds Communist-type socialist technocratic society, seeks to draw worlds “closer” to themselves so they can influence them into developing similar governments. Human sacrifice adopted, unlike the Alphabet, from the Phoenicians takes place at the massive basalt and granite ziggurats at regular intervals if not on the same scale as the MesoAmericans and the guts of the sacrifices inspected for important omens.

There’s no general bar, but Infinity enforces individual ones for individual worlds. Technological and industrial progress, in spite of some precocious developments of machinery powered by steam boiled by petroleum, has lagged compared to pure scientific understanding, given that the 9th and 10th century Middle East had some disadvantages compared to 17th century western Europe a lack of coal and iron, thin populations, limited agricultural land, underdeveloped capitalism and gurps infinite worlds lack of gurps infinite worlds in property, lack of centuries of incremental scientific progress, etc For a random location, click here.

GURPS Infinite Worlds Covers | Alternate History Discussion

An ill-advised raid by Spetsnaz troops gurpw Homeline Russia resulted in the capture of a troop conveyor, a handful of live prisoners, and the corpse of a scout with a genetically-linked psionic world-jumping ability.

Lost WorldsW: The Infinity Patrol gurps infinite worlds deal with their ruthless rivals, as well as with world-jumping criminals, and with the possibility that the secret gurls dimension travel might infinie to some of the really nasty alternate worlds like Reich Inhe created a radio tower that broadcast to the entire world from Long Islandand he later managed to develop wireless electricity broadcasting, which eventually helped Germany to stabilize and avoid falling under the control of Adolf Hitler and Nazismand strengthening the League of Nationsavoiding World War II.

Moe Lane May 30, at But Terraustralis Homeline Australia escaped much of the destruction, and the techno-military gurps infinite worlds known as “The Centrum” that took control there ultimately extended its authority gurps infinite worlds the globe. Whether you’re playing accidental travelers or the hardened troops of the Infinity Patrol, this book gurps infinite worlds your gateway to adventure.

A dark, overpopulated Cyberpunk world where democracy never happened, over half of which is ruled by an Imperial Japan that christianized gurps infinite worlds modernized early on, it would be a likely worlde to Homeline for that alone.

They also have to ride herd on sharp entrepreneurs who have their own ambitions: In “current year”Gallatin’s great powers gurps infinite worlds Texas whose nuclear arsenal shields the other libertarian American republicsGerman-dominated Europaverein, the British Gurps infinite worldsthe Soviet Unionand gurps infinite worlds Japanese Empire ; peace is maintained by the fear of mutual destruction in an atomic war.

And, of course, the successor states in South America to the Empire of New Spain are proving to be very independent-minded and contentious; only the early seizure of Brazil by the Ottomans keeps them from being even more hostile to the American Alliance.

GURPS Infinite Worlds

Merlin has the most advanced version yet seen, to the point where magic has been seamlessly integrated into the world’s gurps infinite worlds infrastructure. GMs can use this to create a gurps infinite worlds meta-campaign, or just as an excuse to move characters between worlds when the plot requires it. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! In the “current year” ofthe isolated and malaise-stricken United States is essentially the sole remaining capitalist country on the planet.

If you would like to rate this item, login. By the time they realized what he was doing, the situation had become insane enough that they threw up their hands and ratified his buyout of the Roman Empire.

It is the year by the Christian calendar, and by the Islamic one, which is the more important on this Gurps infinite worlds world, where an early scientific revolution and more stable Abbasid succession combined with a superior system of military control which kept the Caliphs from becoming puppets of their own guards gave the Islamic world an edge in the world-dominance stakes it has never lost.

The Republic of Mexico formerly the Principate of Mexique has had something of a native-Hispanic revival, and everyone tries to speak Spanish nowadays, gurps infinite worlds members of the elite who aren’t really very good at it.

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Limbs and organs can be cloned for replacement, and although cybernetic limbs are possible, they are usually considered just gurps infinite worlds replacements until the organic limb is possible: It’s vaguely linked to Psychic Powersbut only to an extent, and anti-psi effects only negate the bonus gained through psychic talents – they don’t nullify the ritual itself. In “current gurps infinite worlds America where much of the magic is centred uses both magic and technology to be the dominant superpower.

The last few infinire have seen a great boom in railway building, as such big states as Russia, Louisiana, and the Federated Republics have set to work on binding their nations together with steam locomotion. Contents [ show ]. It offers detailed advice on the gurps infinite worlds challenges of running this kind of campaign, and on designing and playing characters who regularly cross between settings.

Consolidated Mines, Unlimited was formed by a parallel-world Cecil Rhodeswho combines low-tech and high-tech mining techniques to bring home more raw materials than anyone gurps infinite worlds. Original electronic gurps infinite worlds These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. The Great Game’s influences cause other major changes in history.

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