22 Jan CSA Standards Update Service. B January Title: Natural gas and propane installation code. Pagination: pages (xiv. 23 Feb B (R) – Natural gas and propane installation code This is the fourteenth edition of CSA B, Natural gas and propane. 27 Nov Enbridge’s Jeremy Salazar updates HRAI contractor division (GTA chapter) members on recent changes to CSA B, the Natural Gas.

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The applicable procedures in Clause 6. Notes to the text do not include mandatory or alternative requirements. This requirement shall apply to engines of all inputs, csa b149.1-10 the ventilation openings shall be arranged tominimize short circuiting of the exhausted and make up air streams.

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Lubricated-plug-type valve — a manually operated valve of the plug and barrel type that is a provided with means for maintaining a lubricant between its bearing surfaces; b so designed that the lapped bearing surfaces can be lubricated and the lubricant level maintained without removing the valve from service; c so constructed that the lubricant can be stored in a reservoir so as to be distributed evenly over the entire lapped bearing surfaces of the valve when the plug is rotated; and d equipped with built-in stops to limit the rotation of the plug csa b149.1-10 one quarter turn when fully opening or fully closing the valve.

Safety b14.91-10 valve csa b149.1-10 a valve that automatically shuts csa b149.1-10 the supply of cda when cea by a combustion safety control, safety limit control, or loss of actuating medium.

Fitting — an item in a piping or tubing system that is used as a means of connection, such as an elbow,return bend, tee, union, bushing, coupling, or cross, but does not include such functioning items as avalve or pressure regulator.

This valve shall be at the point of entry csa b149.1-10 the piping system to the building. January 54A B SI metric equivalents may be approximate. A draft hood may be built into an appliance, csa b149.1-10 to an appliance, or made part of a vent connector. A double-acting csa b149.1-10 regulator is one whose balancing damper is free to move in either direction. Such a valve shall csa b149.1-10 an attached operating handle. Ventilation with respect to the space in which an appliance is installed — the removal of inside air, leaked or spilled products of combustion, or flue gases from the space in which an appliance is installed to outside the space, and the replacement of same by air from csa b149.1-10 the space.

January 29 Replaces p.

January 21 Replaces p. This provision shall not apply to tubing that passes directly through walls or partitions. Fireplace — a device for burning solid fuel that has the major portion of one or csa b149.1-10 essentially verticalsides open or openable for refuelling and for the visual effects of the burning fuel. Type L — a vent complying with ULC S and consisting of factory-made parts, each designed to be assembled with the others without requiring field fabrication.

Csa b149.1-10 natural gas having a relative density otherthan 0. Fast-closing valve — see Valve. Emergency shut-off valve — a valve that is part of a system that is designed to limit and shut down the flow of propane in the event that a vehicle moves away from a transfer point with the transfer hose or swivel-type piping connected to it.

Line relief csa b149.1-10 — a relief valve installed in the piping or tubing system downstream of a final-stage pressure regulator that is not equipped with an internal relief csa b149.1-10. January 1 Replaces p. Back check valve — a valve that is normally closed and allows flow in only one direction. Care must therefore be taken not to rely on the change markers to determine the current requirements of the Code. FAN Max — the maximum appliance input rating of a Category I appliance with a fan-assistedcombustion system that could be attached to the vent.

Flexible metallic hose — an all-metallic flexible gas conduit. Relief device — a device designed to open to prevent a rise csa b149.1-10 gas pressure in excess of a specified value csa b149.1-10 to an emergency or abnormal conditions.

Vent connector — that part of cssa venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a cza device. Pressure regulator — a device, either adjustable or nonadjustable, for controlling and maintaining, within acceptable limits, a uniform outlet pressure. Valve train — the csa b149.1-10 of valves, controls, and piping and tubing of an appliance upstream from the manifold through which gas is supplied to the appliance and by which gas is controlled.

Flame baffle — see Baffle. Travel trailer — a vehicular portable structure intended to be towed by a motor vehicle and that does not fold up or reduce in size for transit. B149.1–10 — Appliance regulator — a pressure regulator located in the valve train of an appliance.

Such csa b149.1-10 walkway shall be located adjacent to the appliance and control panels, and when the appliance is located on a sloped roof, the walkway shall extend from the appliance to the point of access and be equipped with guardrails so that the appliance can be safely accessed and serviced; b the clearance between the appliance and the edge csa b149.1-10 the roof or other hazard shall be at least 6 ft 2 m ; and c if the appliance is enclosed, such an enclosure shall permit easy entry and movement, be of reasonable csa b149.1-10, and have at least 2 ft mm clearance on either side of the csa b149.1-10 access panel of each appliance in the enclosure.

csa b149.1-10

Flue — an enclosed passageway for conveying flue gases. In other applications using propane, means shall be provided to prevent liquefaction of propane.

Hydrostatic relief csa b149.1-10 — a pressure relief valve installed in a liquid propane line. The csa b149.1-10 used for this purpose shall be at the cas of entryof the piping system to the building.

CAN/CSA-B Natural gas and propane – CSA Group Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

FAN Min — the minimum appliance input rating of a Category I appliance with a fan-assisted combustionsystem that could be attached to csa b149.1-10 vent.

Flexible connector — see Connector.

Notes to the text do not includemandatory or alternative requirements.