74HC Datasheet, 74HC Octal Bus Transceiver Datasheet, buy 74HC 74HC is an 8-bit transceiver IC with 3-state output, i.e. it has two set of pins in which each set has 8 pins. Out of these two sets one can be used as input and. 74HC; 74HCT Octal bus tranceiver; 3-state. Rev. 03 — 31 January Product data sheet. Table 1: Quick reference data. GND = 0 V; Tamb = 25 °C;.

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Post as a guest Name. Is it 20mA, 74hc245 datasheet, or 70mA? Sign up 74hc245 datasheet Facebook. It also has a decent output current of 35mA and hence can be used to drive nominal loads. A general circuit diagram using IC 74HC as a logic level converter is shown above. Skip to main content. How much current can this 74HC handle on each output pin? The output voltage will always be equal to the Vcc voltage, so eatasheet since we are converting the 3.

The clamping currents are currents that will 74hc245 datasheet if you apply a voltage to the input or output voltage below ground or above the supply voltage, see the conditions: Sign up using Email and Password.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I don’t understand what the difference between output current, output clamping current, and datwsheet current is. Here we are converting the 3. The output current is how much 74hc245 datasheet the driver on the pin can actually supply, which is specified as 35 mA.

Out of these two sets one set can be used as input and the other set can be used as output. But if 74hc245 datasheet do, do not exeed these limits. This 74gc245 that it is actually perfectly reasonable to connect the inputs to a relatively high voltage 74hc245 datasheet say, 12V and only use a series current limiting resistor for the level translation.

Meaning it has two set of pins A0-A7 and B0-B7in which each set has 8 74hc245 datasheet. Sam Washburn 2 This site uses cookies 74hc245 datasheet deliver our services and to show you relevant ads and 74yc245 listings.

Icc is 74hc245 datasheet max current to the Vcc pin. The total supply current which satasheet also the sum of all currents supplied by outputs should not be more than 70 mA. Ignd is the max current to the ground pin. Next Article Timer 74hc245 datasheet.

The interesting thing about these chips is they actually have a spec for the current through the ESD protection diodes. The 74HC is an 74hc245 datasheet transceiver IC with 3-state output.

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Top menu About Us Advertise. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. So in these cases we have to shift one set of operating voltage 3.

Both of these are listed as darasheet mA. Sign up or 74hc245 datasheet in Sign 74hc245 datasheet using Google.

Hence in those cases a bi-directional transceiver IC like 74hc245 datasheet seems to be an ideal choice. Also we can reduce the 74hc245 datasheet leakage current by disabling the inputs by using the OE pin as shown in the table above. Since the IC is a transceiver IC, Data can flow from input 74hcc245 to output bus and also from output bus to input bus, by simply toggling the Direction pin Datasheeet pin as required. Top menu About Us Contact.

But it is not efficient for high speed operation or for bi-directional communication buses. Both of these are specified at 20 mA.

The clamping currents are the maximum allowed currents through 74hc245 datasheet diodes.

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Or 74hc245 datasheet you are looking for an IC to act as a 8-bit logic level converter then 74HC IC might be the right choice for 74hc2455.